Ayurveda is also known as the “Science of Awareness” The word has its origin from two Sanskrit terms “Ayus “which means life and “Veda which means life and “Veda which means knowledge. Ayurveda it literally means knowledge about life .

The basic philosophy of Ayurveda is to make people aware of their life style ,diet,exercise and mental activities to achieve perfect balance in mind ,body and soul. Thusayurveda focuses on absolute perfect health and not disease where as the modern medicines stress only on the body and neglects the mind ,senses and the soul.The system of Ayurveda medicine evolved over thousands of years through processes of experience ,observation , experimentation and intuition.It is the most practice intact even in today’s technology driven world. Ayurvedic system of medicine prescribes time tested and trusted methods to improve your physical and mental activity. Galaxy Travel Holidays offers a deep insight and experience in to the traditional way of living Ayurveda &Yoga for body , mind and spirit. The curative and rejuvenate package gives you total relaxation and enlightenment.

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